Speaking in front of 600 people at The Catholic Women's League.
Speaking in front of 600 people at The Catholic Women's League.

As a thought-provoking leader in the Health & Wellness industry, Andrea is  always on the cutting edge of trends, nutritional research, and consumer habits. Andrea brings her care and passion for family wellness and healthy lifestyles to everything she does.

As someone who has worked in the natural health industry for sixteen years, Andrea is an animated storyteller who engages her audience through interactive, honest, and relatable experiences as a mom, entrepreneur and educator.


1. Label Lessons — Coaching on how to read and interpret food and nutrition labels, and how to make the smartest and healthiest choices for ourselves and our families.

2. Food: The Good, The Bad and The Downright Dangerous — From genetically modified organisms (GMOs), to pesticides, to chemicals in our home and environment—toxins are omnipresent and have been linked to obesity and a host of diseases including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Empower your group to take control of their food choices so they can make the best decisions for themselves, and their families when shopping for groceries.

3. Unjunk [all of] Your Food: A Virtual Shopping Tour of How to Identify, and Avoid, The Scary Seven — Form their years of research, Andrea and her team, identified a group of seven harmful additives that research has proven to cause harm to the human body. They called these the Scary SevenTM. In this presentation, Andrea reviews each of the Scary SevenTM ingredients, and goes into detail as to why they are bad for us and how we can spot them on a product label. She also provides healthier options for common foods.

4. Eat to Live  In this step-by-step presentation, Andrea presents easy and actionable steps on how to get the toxins out and the healthy products in! This presentation will also address common questions like: “Are natural and organic products really better?”, “Who regulates the industry”, “Which brands do you really trust?”, and “Is it really worth spending the extra money to buy organic?”. Healthy living can be overwhelming, but Andrea simplifies it with practical, easy-to-implement tips.

5. Women in Business  As a serial entrepreneur, Andrea has years of experience when it comes to creating, running and growing businesses. She is a self starter and created her businesses and brand from scratch. In this talk she inspires others to take that step to start their own dream business. She believes “dreams are the reality of our future.”What’s your entrepreneurial dream?”

* Please note these are suggested talks. Andrea can customize her presentations based on your specific needs.


Andrea is also a fantastic moderator as she brings her passion, radio hosting, TV expertise, and nutritional knowledge to each panel she facilitates. She asks keeps her panel, and audience, engaged by asking thought-provoking, relevant, and interesting questions.


If you would like Andrea to speak or host your next event, please send an email to andrea (at) naturallysavvy.com.

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