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To date, I’ve had the honor of doing more than 150 TV segments across North America, and have appeared on all the major networks including NBC, CBS, Fox, Telemundo, City TV, Global, CTV, CBC, WGN, KRON, Better TV, CW Network, and more! I’m a regular on Toronto’s #1 morning show – Breakfast Television, and I also appear on their sister show, Breakfast Television Montreal. I absolutely LOVE doing TV and educating viewers on how to make healthier choices.

Below are a few of my TV segments for your viewing pleasure. If you would like to watch more segments, and listen to some of my radio interviews, click here.

Studio 512 – Austin

NBC 6 In The Mix

KRON – San Francisco

Breakfast Television (Montreal)
Mother’s Day

Breakfast Television (Montreal) – Healthy Eats & Treats

Breakfast Television (Toronto) – Whole Life Expo

Breakfast Television (Toronto) – Top Health Food Trends

Breakfast Television (Toronto) – Holiday Sins

Breakfast Television (Toronto) – EXTRA With Jennifer Valentyne

Breakfast Television (Toronto) – Top New Health Trends (Fall 2015)

Breakfast Television (Toronto) – How to Stop Sugar Cravings

Twin Cities Live – MN

Breakfast Television (Toronto) – Balancing Hormones

BT Toronto – Unjunk Your Canada Day BBQ

KABB – Daytime at 9 – San Antonio

Breakfast Television (Toronto) – Weight Loss

BT Toronto – Great Finds from CHFA East

BT Toronto – Balancing Blood Sugar

BT Montreal – Fitness Motivation Tips

KTVK – Good Morning Arizona

KTVK Arizona – Beat the Clock

Great Day Houston – Healthy Lunch Box Alternatives

KDVR – Good Day Colorado

WTTE – Good Day Columbus

Great Day Houston – Healthy Summer Entertaining

“How to be a Label Detective” on KABB Daytime @ Nine

Windy City Live – Food for Thought (GMOs)

Global Morning
5 Junk Foods You Need to Replace Right Now

CTV Canada AM – Blood Sugar Balance

CTV Canada AM – Product Trends 2014

CTV Canada AM – Misleading Labels

Good Morning America – Heath

Fox News – Chicago


NBC News – NY 4

CBC News

Rogers Daytime – Ottawa

Global – 5 Healthy Snack Trends

Global – Healthy Alternatives for Summer

NBC 11 – Bay Area (my first interview ever! LOL)

Breakfast Television (Toronto) – Botanical Gardens

Breakfast Television (Toronto) – Botanical Gardens – Part 2

Global – Sugar Free Options

Good Day L.A.
Learning to Read Labels

CTV Canada AM
Sugary Drink Alternatives

Global Morning (Toronto)
Cleansing our bodies

Windy City Live
Healthy Snack Ideas

CTV Canada AM
The Scary Seven

Unjunk Your Junk Food

CTV Canada AM
Summer Treat for Kids

CTV Nightly News
Reading Labels

CTV Canada AM
Understanding Probiotics

CTV Canada AM
Understanding Food Labels

Daytime Toronto (2004)
Understanding Natural and Organic Foods

NBC New York
Healthy Thanksgiving Foods Swaps

CTV Canada AM
Healthy Holiday Meals

Wylde On Health
Unjunk Your Junk Food (Book Tour)

NBC Chicago
Going Organic (2009)

Healthy Alternatives to Conventional Snacks (Book Tour)

Daytime Toronto
Earth Day (2012)

What are Natural & Organic Products?

Media Reel

ABC News Chicago

Breakfast Television (Toronto)
Health Junk Food Swaps

Breakfast Television (Toronto)
2016 Health Trends

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